The Registrar’s Office is located on the first floor of the Administration Building (Tech Tower). The primary functions of the registrar’s office include maintenance of official academic records for all matriculated (enrolled) students and implementation of the Institute’s policies concerning registration.

Contact the registrar’s office with questions regarding:
  • Certifications, enrollment, and degrees awarded
  • Credit hours completed
  • Transfer credit
  • Academic standing, grades, and grade-point average
  • Academic transcripts and student records
  • Residency for fee payment purposes
  • Degree certification (meeting degree requirements), application for graduation, diplomas, and commencement
  • Schedule changes
  • Major and minor changes
  • Online degree audit system (Degree Works)
  • Registration, cross-registration, and concurrent registration
  • Schedule of classes and course section records (grade modes of courses and new course proposals)
  • Certification for veteran’s benefits
  • Petitions to the faculty
  • Curriculum changes
  • Georgia Tech General Catalog
  • Certification of student-athlete eligibility
  • Excused absences
Schedule Changes

Students who wish to change their schedules by dropping or adding a course should consult the Withdrawal and Dropping Courses page for instructions about the appropriate procedure. Schedule changes, which include adding or deleting courses, will not be approved after the close of registration. For information regarding grade mode changes, students should consult the Grades/Average page.

Overload of Maximum Hours

The Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee must approve schedule overloads for undergraduates; graduate students must receive approval for overloads from the Graduate Committee. Students may not register for overload classes until they receive confirmation from the appropriate committee. To begin this process, contact the registrar’s office. Petitions requesting overloads of maximum hours must be received by the registrar’s office five business days before the first Graduate or Undergraduate Curriculum Committee meeting of the term. Petitions requesting overloads of maximum hours submitted after the curriculum committee meets will not be approved.

Credit by Examination (Advanced Standing)

To obtain credit by examination for equal experience or education, the student must obtain the approval of the college or school that offers the course, pay the specified fee, and receive authorization from the registrar. The “Rules and Regulations” section of the Georgia Tech General Catalog contains additional information. Forms for requesting approval are available at the Examinations page.

Second Undergraduate Degree

Students who wish to work toward a second undergraduate degree while pursuing the first may do so by completing all major-required courses for the degree and earning credit for a total of at least thirty-six credit hours in excess of the requirement for any previous degrees earned. You must coordinate the scheduling of all courses between the two schools and meet all graduation requirements for both degree programs. In most cases, completion of a second undergraduate degree will take at least three additional terms at Georgia Tech.