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Who do I contact if I don't

know where to go to get help?

Call the Office of the Dean of Students at 404.894.6367 or fill out our Dean of Students Assistance Request.

Academic Issues

What should I do if I see someone cheating?

Contact the Office of Student Integrity at 404.894.2566 or visit the Honor Advisory Council page.

Where can I go for extra help with my English language skills?

The Georgia Tech Language Institute offers several programs in English as a second language. These include:

  • Language Support Center for International Students (walk-in help and appointments available)
  • Five, eight-week intensive English program sessions per year (core courses include grammar, academic writing, academic speaking, listening and note-taking skills, advanced reading and discussion, business case analyses, American literature, service learning, current events, plus electives in test preparation)
  • Six-week evening program sessions (courses include grammar and writing, academic writing, professional writing, clearer speech, public speaking, TOEFL preparation, conversation, and discussion)
  • Three-week summer short courses in July
  • Two-week International Graduate Student Prep Workshops in July/August in academic writing, academic speaking, clearer pronunciation, and GTA training
  • Four-week pre-MBA intensive English program in June/July and July/August
  • Credit courses for international graduate students through CETL in academic writing, academic speaking, presentation skills, and communication skills for international teaching assistants
  • Customized programs developed for Georgia Tech departments, exchange groups, and corporations upon request

For more information, contact the Language Institute at 404.894.2425 or visit the Language Institute website.

Where can I get a term schedule of classes and a catalog?

Class schedules and the catalog are available at OSCAR and at the Catalog, respectively.

What should I do if my classes were canceled for nonpayment?

Contact the bursar’s office at 404.894.4618 or visit the Office of the Bursar website.

How do I drop a course?

Go to the Withdrawal/Readmission page.

How do I change majors?

Instructions are located at the Scholastic Regulations webpage on the Change Major section.

Where do I get information about transfer credit?

Visit the Transfer Credit page or the registrar’s office, 103 Administration Building, 404.894.4150.

Where do I get information on veterans’ services?

Visit the Veterans Services page or the registrar’s office, 104 Administration Building, 404.894.4150. Or visit the Veterans Resource Center page.

How do I register for classes?

Complete information on how to register is located at the Registration Information page.

Where can I get a printout of my schedule?

Printouts can be made from OSCAR.

Where do I go for academic advisement?

Where can I get an official school calendar?

Visit the Registrar's Office Academic Calendar page.

Where can I get a duplicate copy/replacement of my diploma?

Visit the Registrar's Office Replacement Diplomas page.

Where do I go for assistance with choosing a major, career planning, and finding internships and full-time employment?

Visit the Career Center website or call them at 404.894.2550. Another source is the Success at Tech website.

Administrative Issues

Where and when can I get a student/spouse ID?

Prior to the first semester you register, you will receive information on how to obtain an ID card. For current information, visit the BuzzCard website or call 404.894.BUZZ (2899).

Where are the campus telephone directories distributed? How can I get another student’s phone number?

Visit the Directory Search page where you'll locate faculty, staff, and students at Georgia Tech.

How do I report a housing maintenance problem?

Visit My Housing to submit your maintenance request.

How do I register my motorcycle or bicycle?

Students who desire motorcycle permits should visit the Parking & Transportation Services office and bring their vehicle registration or bill of sale and BuzzCard or license. Motorcycle permits are required for all motorcycles, motorbikes, minibikes, motorized scooters, and mopeds. Bicycles are registered through the Georgia Tech Police Department.

What parking permits are offered other than the annual permit?

Eligible customers can choose from carpool permits or evening/weekend permits (off-campus residents only). Students may also purchase SmartPark permits for occasional parking on campus. Visit the Parking and Transportation website to learn more about each permit type.

When parents visit campus, where should they park?

There are nine designated visitor parking lots located conveniently across campus as well as metered spaces. For visits of more than twenty-four hours, parents are encouraged to contact the Parking & Transportation Services office to purchase a temporary parking permit.

I’m new to campus — how can I get more information about streaming, TV and computing resources on campus?

For information about access to the Internet, the wireless network, e-mail, and other computer-related services, go to the Office of Information Technology webpage.

What are the Learning Communities?

Each Georgia Tech Learning Community is an integrated experience that promotes interactions between faculty and students, fosters collaboration among students, enhances campus and civic engagement, and eases both the academic and social transition to college. These include: First-Year Living Learning Communities, Upper Class Living Learning Communities, First-Year Semester Abroad, and iGniTe Summer Launch.


How do I get involved in intramural sports?

Intramural sports are team-oriented activities. The quickest approach is often to organize a team among a network of friends or colleagues. There is a registration meeting at the beginning of each phase of intramurals. The team captain should attend this meeting to gain a better understanding of policies and procedures before signing up.

Students looking for a team may contact a team that has already signed up. Another option is to go to the intramural website and fill out a Free Agent form, which will post your name and general information. You may also attend the registration meeting yourself; an announcement will be made for players looking for teams. For more information on intramurals, visit the CRC Intramural Sports page.

Who is eligible to participate in intramural sports?

Students are eligible so long as they are enrolled in a degree program and maintain a class schedule of at least six credit hours. Co-op students on work semester must pay the Activity and Recreational Facilities fee to participate. Full-time faculty and staff are also eligible.

How are sports divided into leagues?

Different leagues of play account for differences in campus interests and participant safety levels. Intramural leagues include fraternity, graduate, housing, independent, women, recreational, and co-rec leagues. Fraternity, graduate, housing, and independent teams will compete for the school championship; women and co-rec teams also have their respective school championships; and recreational teams are mainly noncompetitive games for beginners.

What are the CRC’s hours?

Visit the CRC's website for current hours of operation.

Financial Issues

Where can I get financial aid and scholarship information?

Contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, Student Success Center, 404.894.4160 or visit their website.

Where can I find information about important tuition and fee deadlines and policies?

Contact the Bursar’s Office, 404.894.4618 or visit their website.

How do I qualify for in-state tuition?

Contact the records office, 103 Administration Building or 404.894.6388.

How can I get a temporary loan?

Contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, 404.894.4160 or visit their website.

Health Issues

What should I do in case of an emergency?

Call the Georgia Tech Police Department at 404.894.2500 or dial 911.

If I have an injury or a chronic disability, where can I get help with classes?

Contact Disability Services Program at 404.894.2563 or dsinfo@gatech.edu.

What are the hours of Health Services?

Standard business hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday and on Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., visit Stamp Health Services website for additional information.

What should I do if I am sick and Stamps Health Services is closed?

Stamps Health Services does not provide after-hours care. If you or your spouse/domestic partner has an emergency and Stamps Health Services is closed, call the Georgia Tech Police Department at 404.894.2500 or dial 911 to obtain emergency transportation to the nearest hospital. Payment for emergency or after-hours care and transportation is the sole responsibility of the patient. Stamps Health Services encourages patients to carry supplemental medical insurance to offset these expenses.

Student Organizations/Campus Events

Where can I find information about student organizations?

Visit the website portal of the Center for Student Engagement or the Georgia Tech Engage platform on Campus Labs.

When does fraternity and sorority recruitment begin and end?

Visit Georgia Tech Fraternity and Sorority Life website for information about chapters and recruitment dates.