GT students taking a project class.

There are no formal institutional regulations regarding class attendance at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The resources of the Institute are provided for the intellectual growth and development of the students who attend. A schedule of courses is provided for the students and faculty to facilitate an orderly arrangement of the program of instruction. The fact that classes are scheduled is evidence that attendance is important! Students should, therefore, maintain regular attendance if they are to attain maximum success in the pursuit of their studies.

All students are responsible for obtaining an understanding of each instructor's policy regarding absences. All students are expected to attend announced quizzes, laboratory periods, and final examinations. Although it is recognized that occasionally it may be necessary for students to be absent from scheduled classes or laboratories for personal reasons, including major religious observances, students are responsible for all material covered in their absences, and they are responsible for the academic consequences of their absences. Students should discuss planned absences with their instructors as soon as possible after the beginning of an academic term. Work missed may be made up at the discretion of the instructor.

Missing Classes

for Personal Emergencies

Students may need to miss classes due to personal emergencies such as being hospitalized or being in a car accident. The Office of the Vice President and Dean of Students can assist students with documented emergencies by contacting professors on behalf of the student.

For more information, please call the Office of the Vice President and Dean of Students or complete the Request Assistance Form.

Missing Classes

for Institute Approved Activities

Students who are absent because of participation in approved Institute activities (e.g. field trips, athletic events) will be permitted to make up the work missed during their absences. Approval of such activities will be granted by the Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee of the Academic Senate, and statements of the approved absence may be obtained from the Registrar's Office.