Student Life Directory

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Center for Assessment, Referral and Education (CARE)
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Celestine Detanya Administrative Professional III 404-894-3498
Hassell Elizabeth Case Manager I 404-894-3498
Hughes-Troutman Tiffiny Director 404-385-3504
Muldrew Josee' Clinical Case Manager I 404-894-3498
Richardson Collins Tameka Clinical Case Manager I 404-894-3498
Rodriguez Adam Clinical Case Manager I 404-894-3498
White Ariyanna Clinical Case Manager I 404-894-3487
Wright Charles Clinical Case Manager I 404-894-3498
Center for Student Engagement
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Stephens Gerome Associate Dean & Director 404-894-1936
Civic Engagement
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Strohmenger Sarah Director Civic Engagement 404-894-1197
Counseling Center
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Aiello Michelle Practicum Student 404-385-3850
Austin Arica AOD Eval Coordinator 404-894-9180
Bindon Natassia Doctoral Intern 404-894-2575
Bowers Mack Director of Training 404-894-2575
Bradley Carla Director 404-894-2575
Childs Audrey Administrative Professional 404-894-8876
Dalton Irene Assistant Director & Practicum Training Coordinator- Licensed Psychologist 404-894-2575
Davari Jaleh Doctoral Intern 404-385-4752
Duncan Britt Practicum Counselor britt.duncan@studentlife.gatech.ed 404-894-9179
Exley Frances Satellite Counselor 404-894-2575
Fagan Donielle Doctoral Intern
Finklea Tyler Practicum Program Coordinator 404-894-2575
Gwira Becca Practicum Counselor 404-894-2575
Hauge Peter Peer Coaching Coordinator & Mindfulness Programming Coordinator 404-894-2575
Hollis Laronda Clinical Case Manager 404-894-2575
Horn Shervonda Administrative Professional I 404-894-2575
Jamar Rabiah Satellite Counselor rabiah.jamar@studentlife.gatech.ed 404-894-2575
Karaa Shiraz Satellite Counselor, Mental Health Diversity and Inclusivity Coordinator 404-894-3840
Kontos Steven Counselor 404-894-2575
LaSalle Scott Counselor 404-894-2575
Lee Hyunji Practicum Student 404-385-3850
Marie Laura Predoctoral Intern 404-385-4754
Moore Carla Assistant Director for Outreach & Tech Ends Suicide Coordinator 404-894-7459
Neuenschwander Chelly Counselor
Owens Christina Collegiate Recovery Program Assistant 404-894-2575
Rizzo Julia Psychologist 404-894-2575
Said Iman Practicum Student 404-385-3850
Smith Andrew Psychologist 404-894-2575
Stochel Andrew QPR Coordinator 404-894-9179
Thompson Katherine Mental Health Clinician, Social Media Coordinator 404-894-9176
Valdivieso Valeria Predoctoral intern 404-385-4752
Williams Toiya Practicum Student 404-894-2575
Winograd David Doctoral Intern 404-385-3752
Disability Services
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Jannarone Anne Assistant Dean/Director 404-894-2563
Allen Tina Admin Professional, Sr 404-894-2563
Clark Salima Administrative Professional I 404-385-2325
Duong Thao Testing Center Coordinator 404-385-2408
Endicott Sarah Disability Services Provider 404-894-1411
O'Shea Sarah Coordinator 404-894-2563
Smith Jessica Disability Services Coord 404-894-2563
Fraternity & Sorority Life
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Keller Jamison Assistant Dean & Director 404-894-9192
McKenzie Janise Coordinator 404-894-8890
Smyth Mattie Coordinator, Fraternity & Sorority Life 404-385-7262
Georgia Tech Arts
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Camp Justin Production Assistant/Master Electrician 404-385-1923
Cottongim Paul Production Manager 404-385-1923
Davis Joseph Production Assistant/Audio Engineer 404-385-1923
Dostal Ben Operations Manager 404-385-2288
Ford Jones Dorcas Administrative Assistant 404-894-2787
Geiger Elizabeth Marketing Specialist 404-385-3990
Haage Rachel Event Coordinator 404-385-4684
Matychak Nathalie Assistant Director -- Producing & Residency
Mitchell Holley Box Office Coordinator 404-894-2864
Mullen Andrea Patron & Event Services Assistant
Rucker Twanesia Box Office Assistant 404-894-9601
Shackelford Aaron Director 404-894-2787
Torrent Thomas Patron & Events Services Coordinator 404-894-3543
Wade Karea
Health Initiatives
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Alexander Joi Director of Health Promotion 404-894-2890
Dennis Lauren Administrative Professional 404-894-9980
Edmonds JaPeera Health Educator 404-894-2274
Gagen Jennifer VOICE Advocate 404-385-4451
Gordon Patrick Health Educator 404-894-2390
Johnson Amber Dietitian 404-894-3710
Morales Sarah Health Educator 404-894-0473
Planchard Amanda VOICE Advocate 404-385-4451
Roper Leah Dietitian 404-385-0375
Wimbley Deontez Health Educator 404-894-1072
Leadership Education and Development
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Bettis Ashton Grand Challenges Coordinator
Doremus Stacey Assistant Director Lead Programs and Systems 404-385-0854
Dyess Caroline Grand Challenges Coordinator 404-385-2291
Wynens Wes Director 404-385-2291
LGBTQIA Resource Center
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Brewer Camilla Coordinator 404-894-2233
Britto William Program Coordinator
McClain Whitney Program Support Coordinator 404-385-4780
Myanna Tegra Director, LGBTQIA Resource Center 404-385-2679
New Student & Transition Programs
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Allen James Coordinator 404-894-4564
Edmonds-King Timothy Assistant Director 404-385-2286
Faulkner Megan Coordinator
Jennings Cynthia Assistant Dean and Director of New Student & Transition Programs 404-894-9184
Sarkar Sriparna Budgeting Administrator I
Parent & Family Programs
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Barker Tyler Parent & Family Programs Coordinator 404-894-2702
Weeden Laci Director 404-385-3919
Student Diversity Programs
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Ray Stephanie Associate Dean and Director 404-894-2561
Student Integrity
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Beattie Alexander Coordinator 404-385-4755
Johnson Desiree Coordinator
Lawrence Andrew Assistant Director 404-894-2566
Liggins Travis Coordinator
Mazique Ronald Director 404-894-9193
McGarity Ericka Coordinator 404-385-4755
Terrell Shawn Administrative Professional 404-894-2566
Student Life
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Borsh Kathleen Human Resource Coordinator 404-894-4248
Chears Dionne Administrative Professional 404-894-2565
Dewall Aaron Assistant Director for Creative Services
Fazenbaker Steve Program Director STAR 404-894-7827
McKenna William Parents Fund Coordinator - Development 404-385-2369
Nolan April Admin Professional III 404-385-5410
Riggle Colleen Associate Dean 404-894-2567
Stein John AVP for Student Engagement & Well-Being and Brandt-Fritz Dean of Students Chair 404-894-2564
Takieddine Emily Director, Development 404-385-0527
Warner Sara Director of Communications 404-385-3920
Whitfield Julia Assistant to the Vice President & Dean of Students 404-894-2564
Worden Easter HR Business Partner 404-385-2904
Student Life Business Operations
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Brunson Mary Administrative Professional 404-385-0430
Dorsey Debbie Director of Administrative Services 404-385-1562
Henderson McCall Accountant III
Myers Dale IT Program Manager 404-894-5889
Riggle Scott Applications Developer Senior 404-385-4344
Taylor Daniel Assistant Vice President of Student Life, Business Operations 404-385-9183
Student Life Research and Assessment
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Woods Brenda "B" Director of Research and Assessment 404-894-9190
Student Media
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Pitts Mac Director 404-894-7732
Student Organization Finance Office
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Culberson Latonya Accountant 404-894-9781
Dallas Almeisha Accountant III 404-894-9118
Diabaka Lufuankenda Edo Director of Finance 404-894-9186
Edwards Kaneisha Accountant III
Newton Dericka Accountant III
Waters Maya Financial Analyst II
Student Organizations
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Foster Quinn Student Life Program Director (Student Orgs) 404-385-4295
Redmon Victoria Coordinator of Student Organizations
Veterans Resource Center
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
Ross Dave Director 404-385-2067
Women's Resource Center
Last Name First Name Title Email Telephone
DeMaeyer Melanie Assistant Dean & Director 404-385-4501