Friends of Student Life Award

The Friends of Student Affairs Award recognizes individuals, groups, departments or businesses that have made an outstanding contribution through exceptional dedication to the mission and vision of Student Life.

Past recipients include:

President G.P. "Bud" Peterson & Val Peterson

Brett Hulst, Department of Residence Life (Housing)

Stephanie Travis, Jump Start

Michelle Cohen Segall
Spring 2016

Lee Helmken
Spring 2015

Garry Lockerman and the Facilities Area 1 Team
Spring 2014

Gary Wolovick
Spring 2013

Dr. Rob Butera
Spring 2012

Residence Life
Spring 2011

Dr. Jennifer Fortner
Spring 2009

Dr. Hal Irvin
Spring 2008

Jonathan Gordon, Ph.D.
Spring 2007

Kim Harrington
Spring 2006

Brent Carter, Ph.D. & Warren Page
Spring 2005