Workshop Series Promoting Wellness and Stress Management

Oftentimes, the stressors of academics and personal matters contribute to a decrease in daily performance and satisfaction. Students, faculty, and staff are all faced with many circumstances that they are unsure of how to handle. The Counseling Center strives to provide assistance and resources on how to manage the stress in our lives through its Wellness and Stress Management Series.

Join in on the weekly workshops aimed at enhancing wellness and reducing stress in our daily lives. Topics this semester will focus on general stress management skills, stress related to performance and accomplishments, relationships skills, and academic preparation. The Center’s staff is committed to helping improve both the academic and personal experience of all Georgia Tech community members. 

These 50-minute workshops are open to all members of the Georgia Tech community. Each session is held in the Instructional Center (IC) Room 109 at 11 a.m. Here’s what’s being offered this semester:

Managing Performance-Related Stress

03/03 - Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Imposter syndrome can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction and distress in your daily life. This workshop will identify common negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors associated with imposter syndrome, and review strategies to overcome imposterism.

Connecting with Others

03/10 - Assertiveness Skills for Effective Communication

This workshop will help you develop skills to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and preferences successfully to others, while avoiding the extremes of aggressive or passive communication. Learn various ways of being assertive as you interact with others.

03/24 - Creating Healthy Relationships

One of the most common causes of stress is relationships (with romantic partners, friends, parents, roommates and others). This workshop focuses on skills for communicating effectively within relationships and examines healthy ways to resolve relationship conflicts.

Studying and Exam Prep

03/31 - Enhance Your Study Habits

Learn how to improve your studying by identifying factors that contribute to poor study habits, setting SMART goals for learning and reviewing your work, and developing a plan for more effective studying.

04/07 - Mind Matters: Using Psychology to Enhance Your Academic and Test Performance

This workshop will help you learn to harness the energy behind stress to maximize your test performance and help reduce stress as you prepare for final exams. Techniques for enhancing memory, improving concentration, and managing your stress response will be reviewed.

04/14 - Tackling Test Anxiety

This workshop will help you identify your anxious thoughts about test taking, and apply skills to manage the negative emotions, physical responses, and unhelpful behaviors that cause stress before, during, and after tests.

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