5 GT Arts Film Recs to Get You Through the Weekend

Already burned through your Netflix watch list and all of those wild Tiger King episodes? Needing some streaming inspiration for the weekend? Dr. Aaron Shackelford, Director of Georgia Tech Arts, has you covered with his pick of 5 films exploring the intersection of arts and technology.

Get your comfy pants on, check your snack stockpile, and enjoy!

1.    Los Angeles Plays Itself

“A fascinating video essay about how Hollywood uses the architecture of Los Angeles, and the love/hate relationship it has with landmarks throughout the city. I would love for a sequel to be made about Atlanta.” 

2.    Singin’ In the Rain
“The iconic story of how new technology creates a shift in art, as Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds dance and sing their way to stardom with the invention of sound in movies.”

3.    World on a Wire Parts 1 & 2
“Before there was Westworld, there was this two-part German TV serial that questions how technology shifts our perception of reality and experience.”

4.    The Conversation
“Francis Ford Coppola asks questions about surveillance, technology, and ethics in this film starting Gene Hackman and featuring a very young Harrison Ford.”

5.    Diamantino
“If you believe that all film is art, then this campy Portuguese film is for you. Genetic engineering, fluffy puppies, and a conspiracy for Portugal to leave the EU via the greatest soccer player in the world all collide in a surreal experience.”


Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash.