STAR Services

Students’ Temporary Assistance and Resources (STAR) is an organization that provides stability for students to pursue a fulfilling college experience. It does this by facilitating collaboration between organizations offering student support and increasing campus awareness of these programs.

The five points of the star are food, finances, clothing, housing, and connections.

If you are a student in need or know someone who needs assistance, here are a list of ways we can help:
Campus Closetcampus closet logo

Campus Closet lends appropriate clothing to those who are prospective hires without proper business attire.

Main contact:



Klemis Kitchen

klemis kitchen logoKlemis Kitchen serves as a food pantry for Georgia Tech students with dietary needs and financial concerns that limit their access to proper nourishment. As of February 2016, the functioning and volunteer organization of Klemis Kitchen has been absorbed by Campus Kitchen.

Social media:

Campus Kitchen:

Main contact: Steve Fazenbaker,


Georgia Tech offers temporary housing to students who become unexpectedly displaced or put under financial stress.

For assistance or more information, contact Steve Fazenbaker,



Dean Griffin Hip Pocket Fund

The Dean Griffin Hip Pocket Fund offers interest-free emergency loans to students for academic or personal matters.

For more information or assistance, contact the Vice President and Dean of Student's office at



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